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Better products and better practices for a more sustainable industry, improved ROI and a better world. Green really works.

ECO3 is committed to reducing the industry’s environmental impact, systematically improving the cost, quality and environmental performance of our products and operations. Our solutions are designed to maximize renewable resources, eliminate toxic chemicals, reduce waste, lower ink and water consumption and save energy.

As part of our corporate strategy, we support customers who demonstrate environmental responsibility. GreenWorksSM, an initiative of ECO3 North America, accredits customers in the graphic communications industry in Canada and the United States, who achieve greener outcomes through technology, products, services and practices.

Accredited GreenWorks members

MASA Corporation
The MASA Corporation - Norfolk, VA - USA

Goetz Printing
Goetz Printing Co - Springfield, VA - USA

Commercial Printing Company
Commercial Printing Company - Raleigh, NC - USA

Accurate Box
Accurate Box - Paterson, NJ - USA

Welu Printing Company - Debuque, IA - Canada

C&S Press
C & S Press Inc. - Orlando, FL - USA

Goldrich Printpak
Goldrich Printpak, Inc. - Toronto, ON - Canada

Burke Group
Burke Group - Edmonton, AB - Canada

Chinese Computer Typesetting
Chinese Computer Typesetting - Toronto, ON - Canada

Force Enterprises
Force Enterprises - Tinley Park, IL - USA

Raff Printing
Raff Printing - Pittsburg, PA - USA
Astley Gilbert
Astley Gilbert - Toronto, ON - Canada

Transcontinental Ross-Ellis - LaSalle, QC - Canada

Annex Publishing and Printing
Annex Publishing and Printing Inc. - Simcoe, ON - Canada

Citizen Printing
Citizen Printing - Fort Collins, CO - USA

BFC Forms Services - Batavia, IL - USA

Rose Printing
Rose Printing - Orillia, ON - Canada
Hopkins Printing
Hopkins Printing - Columbus, OH - USA

Progressive Graphics
Progressive Graphics - Virginia Beach, VA - USA

Imprimerie Plantagenet
Imprimerie Plantagenet - Plantagenet, ON - Canada
Imprimerie Martineau
Imprimerie Martineau -Windsor, QC - Canada
Imprimerie De La Rive Sud
Imprimerie De La Rive Sud - Nicolet, QC - Canada
Postcard Mania
Postcard Mania -Clearwater, FL - USA
Litho Mille Iles
Litho Mille Iles - Terrebonne, QC - Canada
Garrison Printing Company
Garrison Printing Company - Pennauken, NJ - USA
Imprimerie Maska
Imprimerie Maska - Saint-Hyacinthe, QC - Canada
Arkay Packaging
Arkay Packaging - Roanoke, VA - USA
Faulstich Printing Company
Faulstich Printing Company - Danville, Il - USA
Digital Marketing and Print Solutions
Digital Marketing and Print Solutions - Carrollton, TX - USA
Rainbow Printing
Rainbow Printing - Sussex, NB - Canada
Imprimerie Dumaine
Imprimerie Dumaine - Saint-Hyacinthe, QC - Canada
Emprint - Baton Rouge, LA - USA
Royal Business Forms
Royal Business Forms - Brooklyn Park, MN - USA
PJ Printers
PJ Printers - Anaheim, CA - USA
Imprimerie Pub Cité
Imprimerie Pub Cité - Brossard, QC - Canada
RJ Multi Litho Inc
RJ Multi Litho Inc - Oakville, ON - Canada
Uptown Press, Inc.
Uptown Press - Baltimore, MD - USA
Imprimerie Reflet
Imprimerie Reflet - Montreal, QC - Canada
Master Print Inc
Master Print Inc - Newington, VA - USA
Dalmac - Charlottetown, PE - Canada
Atlantic Digital Reproductions
Atlantic Digital Reproductions - Dartmouth, NS - Canada
Master Packaging Inc
Master Packaging Inc - Borden-Carleton, PE - Canada
Vision Web Press
Vision Web Press - Lilburn, GA - USA
Litho Quebec
Litho Quebec - Pointe Claire, QC - Canada
Leech Group
leechgroup - Brandon, MB - Canada
Allegra Marketing Print Mail
Allegra Marketing Print Mail - Norfolk, VA - USA
District Creative Printing
District Creative Printing - Upper Marlboro, MD - USA
Best Color Press
Best Color Press - Vancouver, BC - Canada
Evergo Packaging
Evergo Packaging - Uaugan, ON - Canada

Many benefits of GreenWorks accreditation

All GreenWorks-accredited customers are featured on ECO3’s website and promoted to buyers/designers interested in environmental responsibility.

GreenWorks-accredited customers are recognized with a plaque and become a prestigious member of the GreenWorks community.

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Every GreenWorks customer receives a marketing toolkit to help promote their environmental stewardship. It includes the GreenWorks logo, GreenWorks Certified digital badge and suggested ways to promote their business. In addition, accredited GreenWorks companies receive content for their website & RFPs, a press release template, digital ad templates, infographics that can be used in email and social media communications, search engine optimization keyword support and professional guidance to help market their environmentally-safer practices.

GreenWorks accredited companies may also be featured in ECO3 public relations, testimonial campaigns, and on the ECO3 website, providing further exposure if desired. Buyers today are increasingly committed to environmental safety. All things being equal, the environment can play a strong role in tipping the scales in your favor.

A track record in developing environmental solutions

ECO3 critically examines environmental and safety issues through each stage of a product’s life cycle to provide best manufacturing practices and solutions that meet our customers’ business needs as well as reduce waste and resource consumption. Some of these include:

  • Plate systems that reduce waste, chemistry and energy use
  • Chemistry with reduced Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) or gases emitted from some solids or liquids that contribute to ground-level air pollution
  • Workflows that reduce waste (paper, ink, etc.) throughout the production chain

How to qualify

To be accredited, customers must meet the following criteria demonstrating their environmental commitment, including:

  • Using ECO3’s environmentally-safer chemistry-free, process-free or no bake digital offset plates, such as Adamas, Avatar T-ZP, Azura TS, Azura TU, Eclipse Pro, Energy Elite Pro, Energy Elite Eco, N95-VCF, all of which have significant environmental benefits compared to conventional digital plates.
  • Using ECO3’s ink-saving solutions including PressTune, InkTune and SPIR@L screening technology, key elements of ECO3's philosophy of focusing on ecology, economy and extra convenience. These products can reduce ink consumption up to 30% while maintaining or even increasing print quality.
  • Actively recycling, participating in community waste reduction, conservation programs or using recycled materials or alternative energy sources in their plants.
  • Spreading the word; companies must promote and communicate the benefits of practicing environmental safety.
  • Using products that maximize renewable resources, minimize environmental impact from toxic chemicals, or reduce waste, and lower ink, water or energy consumption.
  • Participating in other environmental programs such as SFI and FSC.

To apply for GreenWorks accreditation

To be accredited, customers must meet all criteria demonstrating their environmental commitment. To be considered for GreenWorks accreditation, please contact the GreenWorks program manager, Dave Carey.

There is no limit to the number of company locations that can receive GreenWorks accreditation.