Cost reduction

Ink Savings Calculation

ECO3’s innovative SPIR@L, InkTune and SolidTune technologies lower your ink usage while improving print quality. They can be implemented directly into your existing production process, meaning immediate savings without additional investments. Please fill out the form below to receive an estimate on how much you can save using SPIR@L, InkTune and SolidTune.

Ink saving analysis report

To guarantee accuracy, the analysis is based on your print jobs. You will be requested to supply high-res PDF files of actual jobs. We need at least ten files that reflect the work you typically print. More data improves the accuracy of the estimate. Each file you provide should contain all of the pages of one job. Ideally, these PDF files contain fully imposed press sheets. PDFs containing all of the individual pages of a job are also accepted.

Our automated routines will calculate the ink consumption based on your data. As a result, you will receive a savings report. A sample is available here. Our local ECO3 specialists can help interpret or refine the results.