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Bösmann streamlines its prepress process with Amfortis automation

Located on the outskirts of Detmold, in North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany, Bösmann Medien und Druck GmbH & Co. KG has made its mark as a leading print and media service provider for over seven decades. The independent company, which is a part of the Giesdorf Mediengruppe, has earned an enviable reputation as the go-to specialist for all types of commercial and packaging print products. It ships out over 6,700 orders each year.

The primary focus for Bösmann’s packaging division is the production of high-quality folding cartons with embellishment, such as hot foiling, embossing, and gloss varnishes. The company supports its customers in every aspect of successful packaging production, from initial design and development, sample production and prototyping to printing, finishing and final delivery. In particular, its expertise lies in the combination of commercial and packaging products with fully integrated solutions.

The print and media service provider relies on a host of ECO3 products, starting with software solutions in prepress, including Amfortis workflow automation, continuing with CtP imaging and into the pressroom with the Energy Elite Pro no-bake thermal offset printing plate.

ECO3’s Amfortis workflow was chosen because Bösmann wanted a highly automated and, above all, integrated solution for its prepress activities. Thanks to this advanced workflow, packaging orders have been automated through the use of XML interfaces or sheet layout templates with integrated marks, glue zones, bleed overlaps, and more. As a result, the workload for operators has been significantly reduced.

The benefits of Amfortis extend across several areas but are particularly noticeable in the prepress stage. The drastic reduction of the job preparation time, consolidation into a single software solution, and maximum process reliability are the most decisive factors for us.

Sebastian Röhr, Prepress Team Leader– Bösmann Medien und Druck

The implementation of Amfortis workflow automation has already proven its worth in Bösmann’s everyday prepress operation: on the one hand through the faster processing of orders, and on the other, through the minimal training effort needed. The feedback from the operators has also been very positive. They feel confident working with Amfortis and are pleased with the simplified order processing. Meanwhile, customers are benefiting from reliable delivery of high-quality printed products.

For Bösmann, Amfortis means automation, fast processing and maximum process reliability. Due to the fast and safe processing of CF2 and PDF data, we can provide our customers with guaranteed delivery times and maintain high quality standards.

The company further reports that the installation of Amfortis went very smoothly. Through a parallel installation, the team was able to identify any issues quickly and ask the ECO3 support engineers to fix them early on in the process.

Bösmann Medien und Druck, as a very innovative company dedicated to environmental protection and sustainability, is also working with ECO3 to install InkTune and SPIR@L screening workflow enhancers. With InkTune setting management, the company can guarantee consistent quality and save up to 30% on ink consumption. In addition, PressTune press standardization will deliver consistent colors, faster make-ready, and savings in paper and ink.


Amfortis is a dedicated all-in-one PDF workflow solution for packaging converters and printers, covering all prepress production tasks from preflighting, stepping and repeating and proofing to rendering.

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