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Studio 4D48 online events

From 2020 to 2022 Agfa Offset Solutions, now ECO3, hosted a series of online events for commercial, newspaper and packaging printers. You can (re)watch these broadcasts below, starting with the most recent sessions.

2022 sessions

Reduce, Maintain, Gain

How do you solve the puzzle of lowering costs and your carbon footprint without compromising on print quality? Meet our experts in this October 25th Studio 4D48 broadcast and hear from customers about how unique software tools such as SPIR@L and SolidTune can improve your environmental credentials and save money.

  • Discover amazing opportunities
  • Learn how easy it is to implement
  • Gain insights from early adopters


2021 sessions

Eclipse - See the difference

Discover the value of Eclipse process-free plates during a live benchmark against competitive plates, listen to the experience of several Eclipse users, spark new insights and check out the questions participants asked.

Amfortis packaging workflow

Amfortis is our brand-new workflow for packaging printers and converters, covering all prepress production tasks from preflighting, stepping & repeating and proofing to rendering.

MIS-Workflow integration

MIS vendor Dataline recently integrated its MultiPress MIS software into the digital front-end of our Apogee workflow software.


2020 sessions

Solutions for heatset printers

Magazines, inserts and retail print work are demanding applications that require specific solutions. Not only do our solutions provide an answer to the run length requirements, but they are also an ecological step ahead and do away with one of the key costly issues in heatset web printing: paper web breaks. Combined with Agfa’s newest SPIR@L screening technology, savings are to be achieved in different areas of your workspace. The latest version of our Apogee workflow and Apogee WebApproval software automate your operations and customer interactions to the maximum extent.

Solutions for sheetfed printers

Still having a dilemma over which plate fits your production best: process-free or chem-free? Tune in with us and we will tell you. Or how about learning from our customers who use the latest Apogee workflow software in the cloud? A solution they combine with software to further automate their processes and drastically reduce their ink consumption.

Solutions for packaging printers

Printing with UV-inks or opaque white ink can be quite challenging. A new series of offset plates fully supports you with this. Our PressTune software module allows you to connect with brand owners as well as with your customers when it comes to color and quality consistency of printed matter. Our SPIR@L screening technology completes the package, allowing for additional ink savings while still delivering crystal-clear images.

Automating plate loading

Automation has become strategically essential for every forward-thinking company. Robotics has found its way into prepress to streamline your operations and automate plate loading in a cost-effective way – even when loading from multiple pallets into multiple CTP units. Discover our unique solution for the next step in our industry.

Automating newspaper production

Automation and cost-effectiveness are key in newspaper production. Experience how our Arkitex workflow software further automates your operations and assures just-in-time delivery of plates to the press. Cloud services reduce your IT workload and cost, while PrintSphere software acts as a Disaster Recovery system. SPIR@L screening technology for newspapers is ready to become the standard for newspaper printing. Our newest violet chem-free, pre-heat-free offset plates are now complemented by a module that does away with processor cleaning.